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The 11 Biggest Companies Using Gatsby in 2023

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These are the biggest and most well-known company sites using Gatsby as their site's foundation! These websites have been last checked 21st of January 2023 using publicly available information within the page's HTML source.

1. CIA

Screenshot of CIA's site

Perhaps not exactly a company, but the CIA is way too well-known to not be included! The Central Intelligence Agency's choice of web technology has been Gatsby. Their Gatsby site has around 3000 pages in total, according to their sitemap.


2. National Geographic UK

Screenshot of National Geographic UK's site

National Geographic uses Gatsby with an impressive amount of pages and articles: around 16,000 according to their sitemap.


3. Cloudflare

Screenshot of Cloudflare's site

Cloudflare uses Gatsby for their marketing site with around 1450 pages on their main English site. In total, they have 15 different language sites, so if each has that many pages, then they have around 21,750 pages in total.


4. Riot Games

Screenshot of Riot Games' site

Riot Games uses Gatsby for their League of Legends, Valorant and TFT websites.

League of Legends:


Teamfight Tactics:

5. Airbnb Engineering & Data Science

Screenshot of's site

Airbnb uses Gatsby for their separate Engineering & Data Science website.


6. Calendly

Screenshot of Calendly's site

Calendly uses Gatsby for their marketing site and has around 1100 pages according to their sitemap.


7. Ahrefs

Screenshot of Ahrefs's site

Ahrefs uses Gatsby for their marketing site.


8. Little Caesars

Screenshot of Little Caesars' site

Little Caesars uses Gatsby for their Pizza pickup and delivery ordering. Here's a quote from them:

Traffic spiked immediately after our Super Bowl ad aired, and we saw a high number of simultaneous uses. I remember watching and seeing we had 3,000 simultaneous users, then 10,000, then a few seconds later it was 15,000 — and we didn’t have to worry. Because we built with Gatsby, we knew we had the performance to handle the traffic without even thinking about it!

—Andrew Smith from Little Caesars, located on Gatsby's homepage on 21st of January 2023.


9. TypeScript

Screenshot of TypeScript's site

The TypeScript documentation site has been built using Gatsby and has around 900 pages at the moment according to their sitemap. TypeScript is developed and maintained by Microsoft.


10. Linktree

Screenshot of Linktree's site

Linktree's marketing site uses Gatsby.


11. IBM's Carbon Design System

Screenshot of IBM's Carbon Design System site

IBM's Carbon Design System uses Gatsby as its foundation for their design system. Here's a quote from them:

Gatsby just works. With the old system, I had to fight with something for a few days to troubleshoot issues. With Gatsby, you install and it just works. It’s stress-free.

From Gatsby's IBM Uses Gatsby to Manage Enterprise-Level Content case study.


Updated last time on January 21st, 2023. What changed: Added IBM's Carbon Design System, and added some direct quotes from the sites when possible.