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We are a modern web development studio.

We provide web development the right way: performance driven, accessible, easily maintainable, and scalable.

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Conduktor builds and manages an enterprise Apache Kafka interface platform.

We helped Conduktor create the foundation for their website, which has gotten a design revamp since then.

Visit Conduktor:


Butterfly is a London-based marketing consultant agency.

We built their site using Contentful CMS and static site technology.

Visit Butterfly: Butterfly.London

Buddy Healthcare

Buddy Healthcare develops an award-winning care coordination & patient engagement platform.

We re-coded their whole website to enable their marketing team to create new pages and content blocks entirely on their own by utilizing a modular CMS connection.

Visit Buddy Healthcare:


Frida helps those suffering with ADHD get the help they deserve by providing ADHD diagnosis, ongoing care and helpful articles based on ADHD information.

We built their whole website in a way that enables their marketing and content creation team to freely build pages and content without restrictions.

Visit Frida:


WorkED provides unique learning experiences by providing programs that give meaningful insight to careers that those who are still looking for a career will appreciate.

We developed their website in a component-based approach to enable their content writers to build pages and program pages by themselves and to keep their website scalable.

Visit WorkED:


Hatless is an SEO agency based in the Netherlands.

We have both developed them a content-heavy website from ground up and provided them page speed optimization on their main site.

Visit Hatless:


Purposemed builds platforms that connect patients with specialized clinicians so they can receive compassionate healthcare from the comfort of their home.

We have built them now two sites, one being their parent company site PurposeMed and their Frida platform's marketing site.

Visit Purposemed:


Sintrol is a global manufacturing and solution-offering company in the field of analyzers and measuring devices.

We provided usability and accessibility fixes on Sintrol's site, as well as search engine optimization.

Visit Sintrol:


Hailer provides communication and workflow management platform, similar to Slack.

We provided accessibility fixes, search engine optimization and ongoing maintenance for Hailer.

Visit Hailer:

Web development

We build websites that perform like no other and scale to the extreme. Our core technologies provide a long-lasting foundation for your business, which means that you can stay stress-free with your website and focus on scaling.

Learn more: Gatsby
Our featured technologies: Gatsby, React, Contentful, Prismic, AWS, Storyblok and Netlify

Enabling your team to shine

We enable your whole team to work on the site by connecting it to a headless CMS of your choice. This helps anyone on your team to perform updates and publish new content on the site. No more asking developers help updating the site, your content writers and marketing experts can manage and create the content by themselves.

Securing future growth

Our end results are easy to maintain and scale. If you need new features, you can continue working with us or hire a developer of your choice to develop new components and functions on the existing foundation. Nothing will have to be started over, our end results will support design changes, new features, new pages and custom sections.

Technical SEO and accessibility

Accessibility and technical search engine optimization more often than not go hand in hand. A well structured and accessible website is not only easily understood by humans, it is also easy for search engine crawlers to understand, which makes the website rank well. That's a win-win. Accessible code and SEO are integrated to our development process, not an afterthought.

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What our clients say about us

Vaihe Media has been a joy to work with on our projects. We wanted clean, high performance code that fits within a scalable and secure architecture and were struggling to find a developer that shared our vision, until we started working with Vaihe. Their methology is brilliant and we trust them to work autonomously on our projects. We truly appreciate their ability to grasp our business problems and work on solutions.

WorkED logo– Jesse Aujla, CEO

Vaihe Media and I speak the same language: direct and clear. We both love performance and Gatsby. That's why I'll happily reccommend Vaihe and I hope to have many adventures together. Coming from a SEO background, it's not easy to find a collaboration like this. If you're looking for a Jamstack website, search no more: Vaihe is who you're looking for.

Hatless logo– Floris, SEO Specialist

It isn’t often that you find a team that understands UX (including accessibility needs), technical SEO, and writes great code. Vaihe Media's services have been an invaluable asset to our development, product, & marketing teams and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their web development capabilities without sacrificing on quality.

Frida logo– Pavel Okulov, Head of Growth

Vaihe Media provided us search engine optimization and maintenance required by our new website. Smooth collaboration and quickly provided services!

Sintrol logo– Susanna Kallio

Working with Vaihe Media is easy. Their service is high quality, professional and deliveries are possible even with quick timelines.

Hailer logo– Varpu Jokinen

We required a technical website upgrade that would enable our marketers a way to create content by themselves without needing developers' continous help. Vaihe Media identified exactly what we needed and delivered a perfect solution for our use-case while maintaining smooth communication with us.

Buddy Healthcare logo– Buddy Healthcare

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