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We provide Astro development the right way.

We develop Astro.js sites by focusing on performance, SEO, accessibility, scalability, and easy maintenance.

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Conduktor builds and manages an enterprise Apache Kafka interface platform.

We helped Conduktor create the foundation for their website, which has gotten a design revamp since then.

Visit Conduktor:


Butterfly is a London-based marketing consultant agency.

We built their site using a headless and static site generation technology.

Visit Butterfly: Butterfly.London

Buddy Healthcare

Buddy Healthcare develops an award-winning care coordination & patient engagement platform.

We re-coded their whole website to enable their marketing team to create new pages and content blocks entirely on their own by utilizing a modular CMS connection.

Visit Buddy Healthcare:


Frida helps those suffering with ADHD get the help they deserve by providing ADHD diagnosis, ongoing care and helpful articles based on ADHD information.

We built their whole website in a way that enables their marketing and content creation team to freely build pages and content without restrictions.

Visit Frida:


WorkED provides unique learning experiences by providing programs that give meaningful insight to careers that those who are still looking for a career will appreciate.

We developed their website in a component-based approach to enable their content writers to build pages and program pages by themselves and to keep their website scalable.

Read case study: Building a highly scalable headless Jamstack site for WorkED

Visit WorkED:

WA provides information on insurances and legalities in the Netherlands.

We provided them a solution that is highly SEO optimized and scalable.

Read case study: Using JamStack to scale with

Visit WA:


Purposemed builds platforms that connect patients with specialized clinicians so they can receive compassionate healthcare from the comfort of their home.

We have built them now two sites, one being their parent company site PurposeMed and their Frida platform's marketing site.

Visit Purposemed:


Sintrol is a global manufacturing and solution-offering company in the field of analyzers and measuring devices.

We provided usability and accessibility fixes on Sintrol's site, as well as search engine optimization.

Visit Sintrol:


Hailer provides communication and workflow management platform, similar to Slack.

We provided accessibility fixes, search engine optimization and ongoing maintenance for Hailer.

Visit Hailer:

How we provide Astro development

Astro is new and fast. We provide Astro development by focusing on good user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). We achieve these by optimizing the site speed, following best practices, keeping accessibility and usability in mind, having a great mobile experience, and making sure the site can scale with more content and more visitors.

Screenshot from Google Lighthouse showing full 100 score on performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO.

Why choose us as your Atro development company

Even though we are quite new on the Astro scene (since Astro is still so new!), we have experience in developing static Jamstack sites using Gatsby and Next.js. As Astro behaves quite close to those – with just less JavaScript being shipped – we have very similar experience to what Astro requires.

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What makes Astro so great


As Astro provides fully static sites, the entire site can be served via a CDN. Not just the images, but also the CSS, JS, fonts, and HTML files.

Astro takes this even further than Gatsby and Next.js: by not relying on React like Gatsby and Next do, the site can ship with literally zero JavaScript, making the site even faster.


Since with Astro a potential backend or CMS connection happens on build time, users do not interact with the backend at all. This makes the site very secure for both your company and the visitors.

A static Astro site is just HTML, CSS, and JS. It is tamper-proof, malicious visitors can't harm your site from your front-end as there is no backend or database to access.

Easy hosting options

Astro can be hosted very easily with existing static host solutions such as Netlify, Vercel, CloudFlare Pages, and AWS Amplify. No need to get complicated with a custom server!

This still doesn't mean that you can't use a custom server, you can use a custom server if you wish.

Our headless CMS picks for Astro

If you want to enable your entire team to edit your site, you most likely want to connect the site to a headless CMS platform.

We have currently worked with Contentful, Storyblok, Dato CMS, Prismic, Agility, Strapi, Directus, WordPress, and Shopify. If your choice of a CMS is not on that list, don't worry, learning a new CMS after using so many takes no effort at all — they all function the same.

Our recommendations currently are Storyblok or Contentful for regular marketing sites, Strapi or Directus if self-hosting the CMS is important for you, and Shopify for e-commerce.

Collage of the following CMS logos: Contentful, Storyblok, Dato CMS, Prismic, Agility, Strapi, WordPress and Shopify

FAQ about our Astro development

What fields do you provide Astro sites in?

We work with any field, but most of our clients are from medical fields, tech startups, agencies, and education.

How long does it take for you to build an Astro site?

There is no single answer, but on average our builds take 2-4 weeks.

Do you see Astro being a future-proof framework?

We see a lot of similarities with Astro and early Gatsby. We do think Astro will have a great future, and that's why we have decided to provide development for it.

If I send you a message, who will answer?

Hi, my name is Jere, I'm the one who will answer 👋! I really liked what Astro was doing, and decided to become an Astro freelancer! So far every Astro site that I have developed has scored full 100 scores on Lighthouse, which is amazing!

When can the development get started?

If we are not unusually busy, we can get started on developing your site within a couple of days after signing a contract.

What if I need a backend?

If you need backend functionalities such as user logins, real-time data or backend authentication, we recommend you have a look at our Next.js development.

We prefer Astro over Next.js for fully static sites, but Next.js takes the win if there is a need for an active backend connection within the site.

If the backend functionality that you need is not major, it can also be achieved by serverless functions.

What kind of built-in SEO functionalities does Astro have?

You can see most of them on our Astro vs. Gatsby vs. Next.js SEO comparison.

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