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Bringing e-commerce to Jamstack for Spotless Laser

Industry: Beauty


350% increase in conversion rate

Thanks to the new site, Spotless Laser increased their conversion rate by 350%.

150+ products statically generated

Thanks to the store being a Jamstack store, the user experience and page loading times are amazing.

240+ total pages

Even with such a high number of statically generated pages, the build time is less than a minute.

The project

Spotless Laser needed a marketing site for their two physical locations and an online e-commerce store for the skincare products they sell. They wanted high performance and good SEO, which is why they were looking for a Jamstack site. We ended up combining Gatsby, Storyblok and Shopify as a full CMS-based static site solution.

Logos of Gatsby, Storyblok and Shopify.

The results

Jamstack performance

As expected from a properly developed Jamstack site, the page performance is exceptional and loading times are great. Thanks to the instant live preview feature of Storyblok, content editors don't even need to trigger a build for the site to see what the changes on the site will look like, they can instantly see the updated page via client-side generation.

350% increase in conversion rate

The new website increased Spotless Laser’s conversion rate on organic traffic from 2-2.5% to 7-9%, and paid traffic to 14-19%. Thanks to better technical SEO, the site’s search engine traffic has also increased.

Screenshot of Spotless Laser's jamstack website

150+ products statically generated

By using Shopify as a headless e-commerce platform, we made it possible for the site to have a shop with while keeping all the benefits of a statically generated Gatsby site. Nothing on the site gets rendered via SSR, everything is available through build time. This is great for page performance and SEO.

Screenshot of Spotless Laser's headless Shopify shop

240+ pages, less than a minute of build time

The site has a total of over 240 statically generated pages, while the build time on Netlify is only around 50-60 seconds. More often than not, sites of this size have their build times multiple times of that. This is thanks to the build time optimization that we do – no one wants to edit a site that takes ten minutes to build every time you hit “publish”.

Screenshot of Netlify command line showing a build process of total 52 seconds