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Privacy policy - Vaihe Media


Vaihe Media
Finnish business number: 2993928-1
Contact email:
Finland, Pirkanmaa

Register name: Vaihe Media client registry

Reason for user information

Client relationship (replies to contact form), business planning and its improving.

Client information is only used for contact to clients, or for lawful reasons, such as contracts, tax information and accounting.

Register contents

Client name, email, message (when using the contact form), possible order

Keeping the information

Registrar (Vaihe Media) keeps the information as long as necessary, under how law specifies it.

How we keep your information safe

Vaihe Media doesn't save your information for nothing. When handling the registry, we are very careful and make sure our security is top notch. The registry can only be accessed by trusted Vaihe Media employees.

Cookies and anonymous visitor data

This website doesn't use cookies

Terms of servce


This page is overviewed by Vaihe Media ( The terms "us" and "we" mean the company. Vaihe Media offers this website, if you accept the privacy policy and the terms of service.

Forbidden usage

All the material on this website is protected by Vaihe Media copyright, unless the content says otherwise. The content can't be published elsewhere without permission.