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We provide Next.js development the right way.

We provide Next.js development by focusing on performance, SEO, accessibility, scalability, and easy maintenance.

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MD-Logica logoMD Logica

MD Logica is a medical marketing agency based in California.

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The team at Vaihe Media seamlessly adapted to our workflow, allowing for a smooth and collaborative experience. Jere (Founder at Vaihe) in particular is very reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with. We've worked with several developers, but Vaihe is one of the select few partners that actually delivers quality results in a timely manner. It's not easy finding good JAMstack developers nowadays, and their ability to offer solutions, especially in time-critical situations, has been impressive.

– Vahe Tirakyan, CEO

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Purposemed logoPurposeMed

PurposeMed builds platforms that connect patients with specialized clinicians so they can receive compassionate healthcare from the comfort of their home.

We have built them now three sites: their company site PurposeMed, Frida, and Foria.

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It isn’t often that you find a team that understands UX (including accessibility needs), technical SEO, and writes great code. Vaihe Media's services have been an invaluable asset to our development, product, & marketing teams and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their web development capabilities without sacrificing on quality.

– Pavel Okulov, Head of Growth, Frida

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Buddy Healthcare logoBuddy Healthcare

Buddy Healthcare develops an award-winning care coordination & patient engagement platform.

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We required a technical website upgrade that would enable our marketers a way to create content by themselves without needing developers' continous help.

Vaihe Media identified exactly what we needed and delivered a perfect solution for our use-case while maintaining smooth communication with us.

– Buddy Healthcare

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Spotless Laser logoSpotless Laser

Spotless laser is a skincare company with two physical locations in Canada, and an online store.


Read case study: Bringing e-commerce to Jamstack for Spotless Laser

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WorkED logoWorkED

WorkED provides unique learning experiences by providing programs that give meaningful insight to careers that those who are still looking for a career will appreciate.

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Vaihe Media has been a joy to work with on our projects. We wanted clean, high-performance code that fits within a scalable and secure architecture and were struggling to find a development company that shared our vision, until we started working with Vaihe. Their methodology is brilliant and we trust them to work autonomously on our projects. We truly appreciate their ability to grasp our business problems and work on solutions.

– Jesse Aujla, CEO

Read case study: Building a highly scalable headless Jamstack site for WorkED

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Butterfly London logoButterfly

Butterfly is a London-based marketing consultant agency.

We built their site using a headless and static site generation technology.

Visit Butterfly: Butterfly.London

Lean Digital Agency logoLeal Digital Agency

Lean Digital is a digital agency based in United States.

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Vaihe Media is amazing. We've contracted the company for a very last-minute (and expectedly urgent) project, and Jere (Founder at Vaihe) was a rock-star. What I really appreciated is how our project was treated not simply as a one-off job, but I could tell how a lot of thought and planning went into every single step along the way. Jere provided some extremely valuable advice on how to approach our challenges, was very technical and delivered everything in the agreed timeframe. In the end - the project was a massive success on all fronts.

One of the qualities that I feel is a must have for any agency is responsiveness and I'm happy to say that Vaihe Media and Jere are always there when I need them. Jere answers my questions without delay, and is always transparent when there is more research needed — that is very much appreciated and gives me confidence that I found the perfect partner! I am happy to recommend Jere and Vaihe Media to anybody looking to fulfill any web development work, and I will be using them in the future no doubt!

– Kirill, Founder

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Sintrol logoSintrol

Sintrol is a global manufacturing and solution-offering company in the field of analyzers and measuring devices.

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Vaihe Media provided us search engine optimization and maintenance required by our new website. Smooth collaboration and quickly provided services!

– Susanna Kallio

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M-XR logoM-XR

M-XR is a UK-based company providing 3D scans technology and materials.

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Vaihe Media provided us with web development for our Gatsby site. Their work is efficient, thorough and the communication is great. Jere is a real pleasure to work with and I look forward to continue our partnership as we set out to build more amazing digital experiences. We Would highly recommend Vaihe to anyone with web development needs, especially with Jamstack.

– Ryan Howell, M-XR

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ticketbro logoticketbro

ticketbro provides a mobile ticket booking system, we built their marketing site with focus on animations and interactivity.

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The website Vaihe Media developed for us is an absolute masterpiece, with eye-catching animations and interactive elements that really captivate our visitors. Not only is the website aesthetically pleasing, and makes navigating our product pages a fun experience, but they also made it incredibly easy for the team to work in maintaining and growing it.

Working with Vaihe was a pleasure from start to finish. From the beginning of the project, Jere (founder at Vaihe) showed a remarkable level of professionalism and passion for his craft. He took the time to understand our company’s vision and goals, and his ability to translate our ideas into a fully functional website was remarkable.

Throughout the development process, Jere demonstrated exemplary communication skills, keeping us informed at all times and enthusiastically incorporating our feedback. He was incredibly responsive to our ideas and also offered valuable suggestions to improve the customization and maintenance of our website, helping to make it accessible even for team members who are not familiar with coding themselves, which really demonstrated his expertise in the field.

I cannot recommend Vaihe highly enough for anyone looking to create a top-notch website that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. We are very grateful for their contribution to the success of our company and look forward to keep collaborating with them.”

– Tania, ticketbro

Read case study: Building ticketbro’s marketing site with a focus on animations and interactivity

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Conduktor builds and manages an enterprise Apache Kafka interface platform.

We helped Conduktor create the foundation for their website back in 2021, which has gotten a design revamp since then.

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Ensemble logoEnsemble

Ensemble helps businesses design, build and run advanced data and analytics solutions.

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We hired Vaihe Media for React/Gatsby development. Jere from Vaihe is an outstanding and professional developer. He has supported us on a number of frontend projects with demanding requirements and usually at late notice. The results are always pixel perfect and correct first time. We look forward to working together again!

– Benjamin Wootton

Visit Ensemble:

WA provides information on insurances and legalities in the Netherlands.

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Vaihe Media's communication is great and smooth. Considering we are both performance junkies, we're always on the same page – and that is what I love about our partnerships. I will be working with them for years to come. Considering I have lots of experience in the SEO world, I know it's not easy to find a good partner, so Vaihe comes highly recommended.

– R. de Waard

Read case study: Using JamStack to scale with

Visit WA:

Frida logoFrida

Frida helps people with ADHD get the help they deserve by providing ADHD diagnosis, ongoing care and helpful articles based on ADHD information.

We built their whole website in a way that enables their marketing and content creation team to freely build pages and content without restrictions.

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It isn’t often that you find a team that understands UX (including accessibility needs), technical SEO, and writes great code. Vaihe Media's services have been an invaluable asset to our development, product, & marketing teams and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their web development capabilities without sacrificing on quality.

– Pavel Okulov, Head of Growth

Visit Frida:

Hatchet logoHatchet

Hatchet is a digital agency based in Perth, Australia.

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It has been an absolute pleasure having Jere (Founder at Vaihe) complete some custom software development work on a GatsbyJS website. He was proficient, well spoken and timely in resolving the issues that were faced. His technical skills excelled my expectations. I am looking forward to working with him again on future projects.

– Daniel Gouvignon

Visit Hatchet:

BEN Energy logoBEN Energy

BEN Energy is a software company that engages utility companies with residential clients.

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I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Vaihe Media. They did a great job migrating our Gatsby website and adding new functionality. They provided us with detailed and reliable estimates, adapted flexibly to any project scope changes, and proactively found solutions to overcome unexpected challenges. We're very much looking forward to working with them in the future.

– Tanja Rüegg, Project Manager

Visit BEN Energy:

Hailer logoHailer

Hailer develops and mainstains their own modular work management software and app

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Working with Vaihe Media is easy. Their service is high quality, professional and deliveries are possible even with quick timelines.

– Varpu Jokinen

Visit Hailer:

We develop Next.js sites by utilizing its static site generation (SSG)

We are experts in static site generation as it's our main niche with both Next.js and Gatsby development. Static site generation means that the site has no active backend server, instead, the page generation happens on build-time via static site generation (SSG).

By specializing in this aspect of Next.js, we provide websites that load and interact faster than any other Next.js sites. How? Well, with a regular server-side render, the server will render the page and send the files to the visitor. With SSG, there is no need for a server, the files get sent to the visitor via a CDN instead. This enables every file to be served via a CDN: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, images and videos. This is a massive boost in performance.

Our featured Gatsby technologies: Gatsby, React, Contentful, Prismic, AWS, Storyblok and Netlify

Why choose as your Next.js development company

Apart from our specialization in the SSG aspect of Next.js, we also focus on great user experience and technical search engine optimization (SEO).

We achieve these by optimizing the site speed, following best practices, keeping accessibility and usability in mind, having a great mobile experience, and making sure the site can scale with more content and more visitors.

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Why Next.js is so powerful


By utilizing Next's SSG, the entire site can be served via a CDN. Not just the images, but also the CSS, JS, JSON, fonts and HTML files.

When compared to plain React, a Next.js site will already display its content before any JavaScript has started loading. This is possible thanks to the build-time generated static HTML files.

Optional backend

If having a fully static site is not enough for your needs, Next.js also provides regular server-side rendering with a backend.

This enables you to have backend-specific functionalities like user registration, real-time data or backend authentication.

Safe choice

Next.js is developed by a large company and has matured enough to have support and solutions for most services and platforms.

Thanks to Next's popularity, it has support for most CMS solutions, e-commerce platforms and third-party packages.

Stress-free maintenance

If you have used WordPress, you know how its plugins and themes need to be updated regularly to prevent security breaches from happening. That's not an issue with static Next.js sites!

As a static Next.js site has no active backend, you don't have to worry about keeping the site updated. There is simply no way you can hack a site using only its static files.

Hosting options

The most popular hosting options for Next.js are Vercel and self-hosting it.

If you want to go with Vercel, deploying the site will be as easy as it can be and the whole site will be served via their global CDN.

Our headless CMS picks for a static Next.js site

If you want to enable your entire team to edit your site, you most likely want to connect Next.js to a headless CMS platform.

We have currently worked with Contentful, Storyblok, Dato CMS, Prismic, Agility, Strapi, WordPress and Shopify. If your choice of a CMS is not on that list, don't worry, learning a new CMS after using so many takes no effort at all — they all function the same.

Our recommendations currently are Storyblok or Contentful for regular marketing sites, Strapi if self-hosting the CMS is important for you, and Shopify for e-commerce.

Collage of the following CMS logos: Contentful, Storyblok, Dato CMS, Prismic, Agility, Strapi, WordPress and Shopify

FAQ about our Next.js development

What sized Next.js sites do you provide?

We have experience in building large, medium, and small Next.js sites. Our usual site has around 10-200 pages, but some of the sites we work on are at around 3000-4000 pages now.

What fields do you provide sites in?

We work with any field, but most of our clients are from medical fields, tech startups, agencies, and education.

How long does it take for you to build a Next.js site?

There is no single answer, but on average our Next.js builds take 2-4 weeks.

If I send you a message, who will answer?

Hi, my name is Jere, I'm a Next.js freelancer and I will be the one who answers 👋! I have been a freelancer developer for 3 years now, and during that time I have worked on tens of Next.js sites. You will be in good hands!

When can the development get started?

If we are not unusually busy, we can get started on developing your site within a couple of days after signing a contract.

What kind of built-in SEO functionalities does Next.js have?

You can see most of them on our Next.js vs. Gatsby vs. Astro SEO comparison.

Let's develop the perfect Next.js site for you

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