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We provide Next.js development the right way.

We build Next.js sites the right way: performant, accessible, scalable, and easily maintainable.

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Next.js development

We provide Next.js development with headless CMS connections for both completely new sites that need to be developed from the ground up and existing Next.js sites that need maintenance.

We use Next.js with JamStack mentality, which means that our Next.js sites utilize static builds. This results the benefit that there is no constantly running backend for the site, instead the whole site gets served fully through a CDN – usually by hosting the site on Vercel, as they have the best hosting platform for Next.

Our featured Gatsby technologies: Gatsby, React, Contentful, Prismic, AWS, Storyblok and Netlify

We develop new and old

Project based

We can build up your project from ground up using the latest Next.js and React standards, and a CMS of your choice.

Contact us with your project requirements and we will come back to you with estimated cost and delivery time estimate. You can also check our pricing page.

Site maintenance

Need scaling and maintenance help on an existing Next.js site? Contact us with the details and we will let you know if we are a good fit for you! We will handle Next development for you as a freelancer developer studio.

Why choose Next.js?

Here are the best benefits of Next:

  • It is fast, we can easily provide you with a Lighthouse mobile performance score of 92-100 (depending on the design)
  • It enables the use of a headless CMS service such as Contentful, Prismic, Storyblok, Dato CMS, Agility or Shopify. With it your team can scale the site with new content without developer's continous help.
  • It is secure. As there is no back-end, there are almost no entry points for hackers to taking control of your site.
  • It is cheap. All of our clients run their Next sites on services like Vercel for very low cost.
  • It is SEO-friendly. Crawlers love static HTML content, which Next.js' static build generation provides.

Our top 3 picks for Next.js headless CMS platforms

  1. Contentful: good for both enterprise and medium-sized websites. Features a fast image CDN, extremely high scalability, but no visual live editor.
  2. Storyblok: a very enjoyable experience for content writers and content editors in medium sized websites. Has a visual live-view editor where you can see your changes in real-time. Best for small and medium-sized websites.
  3. Shopify: best headless e-commerce solution.

Honorable mentions: Dato CMS, Agility and Prismic.

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Trusted by


Conduktor builds and manages an enterprise Apache Kafka interface platform.

We helped Conduktor create the foundation for their website, which has gotten a design revamp since then.

Visit Conduktor:


Butterfly is a London-based marketing consultant agency.

We built their site using a headless and static site generation technology.

Visit Butterfly: Butterfly.London

Buddy Healthcare

Buddy Healthcare develops an award-winning care coordination & patient engagement platform.

We re-coded their whole website to enable their marketing team to create new pages and content blocks entirely on their own by utilizing a modular CMS connection.

Visit Buddy Healthcare:


Frida helps those suffering with ADHD get the help they deserve by providing ADHD diagnosis, ongoing care and helpful articles based on ADHD information.

We built their whole website in a way that enables their marketing and content creation team to freely build pages and content without restrictions.

Visit Frida:


WorkED provides unique learning experiences by providing programs that give meaningful insight to careers that those who are still looking for a career will appreciate.

We developed their website in a component-based approach to enable their content writers to build pages and program pages by themselves and to keep their website scalable.

Visit WorkED:


Hatless is an SEO agency based in the Netherlands.

We have both developed them a content-heavy website from ground up and provided them page speed optimization on their main site.

Visit Hatless:


Purposemed builds platforms that connect patients with specialized clinicians so they can receive compassionate healthcare from the comfort of their home.

We have built them now two sites, one being their parent company site PurposeMed and their Frida platform's marketing site.

Visit Purposemed:


Sintrol is a global manufacturing and solution-offering company in the field of analyzers and measuring devices.

We provided usability and accessibility fixes on Sintrol's site, as well as search engine optimization.

Visit Sintrol:


Hailer provides communication and workflow management platform, similar to Slack.

We provided accessibility fixes, search engine optimization and ongoing maintenance for Hailer.

Visit Hailer: